Our Vision

Soaring to success.

Welcome to Triumph Trust. 

Our Trust was created with one sole aim. For member schools to deliver, through partnership and collaboration, an outstanding learning experience for all children so they flourish and thrive enabling them to achieve their own individual excellence.

Our ethos is rooted in the celebration and promotion of each member school’s own diverse and dynamic character.  At Triumph Trust we recognise the unique qualities of different schools promoting their autonomy to enable each school to develop their own curriculum and practices to reflect the needs of their learners.  We encourage and actively seek the sharing of best practice from all member schools across the trust ensuring the successes of others supports the development of all whilst demonstrating excellence at all times.

At Triumph Trust we believe that ambitious and innovative leadership is core to any school’s success and we will ensure that each leadership team delivers a strong staff development programme so that each child benefits from a holistic learning experience that develops them academically, socially and pastorally.

To achieve our aim, we will offer a personalised and rich range of professional development opportunities for all staff. Through highly effective coaching, high quality Continuing Professional Development and a culture of reflective practice and support we will ensure that all staff benefit from a rewarding and successful career within our school community. We will combine resources where possible to build efficient low cost organisations and share the best attributes of each member school in order to build better futures for all of our children and their communities.

As the founder school, Courthouse Green upholds the principles of positivity, innovation, reflection and diversity. Those principles will permeate a Trust where we believe in ‘no limits’. 

There is enormous strength in numbers and by collaborating together within the Trust, schools will produce learners who grow in confidence, courage and kindness.

Mutual trust and respect amongst learners and staff alike will pave the way for all leavers to enter the next phase of their educational journey equipped with all of the special qualities instilled by Triumph Trust so they prosper and excel in order to become citizens who make a positive contribution to their community.      


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