Triumph Multi Academy Trust

Our Vision

Our core purpose is putting learners first

Welcome to Triumph Trust

At Triumph our core business is putting learners first

Every learner will have inclusive, high quality learning opportunities, which encourage them to be resilient and achieve well; promoting high aspirations so that they flourish and thrive on their journey to success. 


In all Triumph Trust schools, we will:

  • facilitate partnership and collaboration
  • develop highly effective leadership
  • provide wide ranging support for learners with additional needs
  • strive for excellence in the arts and sports
  • promote high academic standards and substantial progress 

At Triumph Trust we will uphold the principles of positivity, innovation, reflection and diversity by

  • promoting autonomy and efficiency
  • recognising the unique qualities of all
  • demonstrating excellence at all times
  • developing ambitious and innovative leadership
  • ensuring the successes of others supports the development of all
  • encouraging and actively seeking and sharing best practice
  • providing a personalised and rich staff development programme so they have a rewarding and successful career 

Working with partners who share our ambition to innovate, we will create an exceptional, exciting and inclusive environment, in which learners will realise their highest aspirations

Triumph Trust will equip all learners with special qualities so they prosper and excel; becoming citizens who make a positive contribution to their community and beyond.   


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